Nespresso, Intensely Swiss

Each region of Switzerland has different habits in terms of its Nespresso coffee. In the Swiss German speaking region we love to indulge in a Bianco Leggero, in the italian speaking region, we live the intensity of a creamy Il Caffè and in the french speaking region, we love a bit of both, like me: I will start the week with a Lungo Melozio like the Swiss German and will finish my week with the Double Espresso Scuro like in Ticino or with the Double Espresso Chiaro like in my home region, Romandie. In all cases, I’m intensely Swiss, like Nespresso who began its history in 1986 on the shores of Lake Geneva. 

But it's at the Top of Europe that I got to taste my favorite blends at the Jungfraujoch, situated on the boundary between the cantons of Bern and Valais. Since 1912, The Jungfraujoch has a railstation at an elevation of 3454 metres and is the highest in Europe. As I'm admiring these views, I think of the common values of Switzerland and Nespresso that I admire and are in line with mine: innovation, hospitality, tradition, and diversity. For me, that is what makes us, Intensely Swiss.