The Festive Season is coming and as I love to celebrate with coffee, this year's new Limited Edition is all about the natural treasures of the forest. It's called "Gifts of the Forest" and case in point, Nespresso commits to contribute to the protection of 10 million trees in the Amazon Rainforest by partnering with Conservation International

The design of this new Limited Edition coffee range is made by Johanna Ortiz, a globally recognised fashion designer based in Colombia. She was inspired by the fauna and flora of the Amazon and captured the spirit of Latin America by using vibrant colors and playful silhouettes. 

For the taste, I'm delighting myself with a Woodland Cappuccino made with the Nespresso Forest Almond Flavour Limited Edition coffee, which comes from fresh almond and a sweet nuttiness to warming vanilla and a light fruitiness. As per our little tradition, I'm happy to share the Signature Recipe with you:


- Forest Almond Flavour (230ml)

- 20 g of chestnut cream

- 100 ml semi-skimmed milk

- 2 g of toasted flaked almonds

- 1 by leaf


1. Start to pour 100 ml of milk straight into the Nespresso Barista. Close the lid and select "cappuccino".

2. Put the chestnut cream at the bottom of your Vertuo mug.

3. Extract 230 ml of the Forest Almond Flavour coffee on top of the cream.

4. With a spoon, put 100 ml of the milk foam in the Vertuo mug.

5. Add a few flaked almonds on the crema and finish off with a bay leaf. 

Enjoy a dreamy trip into the forest.