Ice Ice baby

To celebrate the summer vibes, Nespresso is relaunching its seasonal iced coffees and launching a new Limited Edition as well with an exotic summer flavour including my favorite for Vertuo system: BARISTA CREATIONS Ice Leggero. A cool, delicate and fruity Ethiopian blend to keep my summer drinks fresh and caffeinated. 

I don't have one favorite summer moment, I have a lot and a lot of them include a Nespresso delicacy. When it's good, I don't like to keep it for me so here is a Nespresso's signature recipe you can try and yes, it's totally instagrammable.

1) Place 4 ice cubes into your Vertuo Coffee Mug.
2) Add 10 ml saffron syrup, a fresh orange peel and 120 ml of milk (1,5 % fat)
3) Extract 80 ml of BARISTA CREATIONS Ice Leggero into the Mug.
4) Garnish with a fresh orange peel (or candied orange)

It's an iced coffee, you have time to create an ambiance and snap that picture.
A few steps:
1) Add your favorite magazine and sunglasses
2) Play with shadows and lighting
3) Take a picture from the side so we can see the ice cubes almost in 3D.

don't forget to tag me and so I can repost. 

Happy summer everyone.