Brunch with Nespresso Vertuo Next

Spring season is back and it means brunch season is back too. New season, new coffee machine and this one is a gem. Nespresso launched its new Vertuo Next machine, which offers versatility for every taste and moment. No more getting up for another cup: stay down, get deliciously caffeinated. 

With the new coffee "Carafe Pour-Over Style", you can fill a full carafe size of coffee (535 ml) just with one capsule. Perfect for my big family and definetly my favorite one. From big to small, you can also enjoy an Alto (414 ml), for a walk outside with the Mug of 230 ml, perfect for your afternoon break: the reassuring Gran Lungo (150ml) or Espresso and Double Espresso (80 and 40ml).

Technically, the new intelligent Centrifusion recognizes automatically  the coffee variety being brewed and adjusts extraction parameters to create and enjoy the high quality Nespresso coffee for every taste and moment.

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