#CasaNespresso Caffé Amaretti

This season, we are travelling through coffee as Nespresso takes us to Casa Nespresso with the new Variations Italia Limited Edition coffee range.

- Variations Italia Amaretti Flavour
- Variations Italia Pecan Biscotti Flavour
- II Caffè 

Here is a few steps for the perfect Caffé Amaretti:

1) Brew a Variations Italia Amaretti Flavour coffe in a Vertuo mug.

2) Pour the full milk into your Barista device up to the minimum level marking and add one stick of white or brown sugar to the jug.

3) If using the Barista, close the lid, choose the "Espresso Con Panna" recipe and press the start button

4) Using a non-metallic spoon, collect and pour the cold cream over your coffee. 

&... enjoy!