My Smile Design Boutique Diary

First when you enter the place, you think you have have probably mistaken it for a Quai du Mont Blanc luxurious lobby. The architectural concept was achieved in a way you feel like Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole to enter a new visual universe. A universe that changes your pre-conception idea of a classic dental clinic. So when you actually sit on the patient chair, you're at the dentist, minus the pressure. Maybe, it's the lobby welcome with coffee and water? Maybe, it's the beautiful view on the Geneva lake? Maybe it's the dentist that actually smiles at you? Let me tell you how I lived the best medical experience of my life.


My journey started with an intensive study of my mouth, facial analysis and teeth. The team used the newest equipments in terms of intra-oral scanner and 3D image and it took a few days for them to discuss the best result, according to my best interest, both aesthetically and functionally. 


An actual entire studio was ready for me for a photo and video documentation of my smile, my face and my facial expressions in order to show me exactly, the predictable results I could expect.


At the time, I was fine with my smile. But it was not perfect. My teeth were a bit forward and my upper teeth were a bit reversed. Not a big deal, but not perfect. When I got to visualise a video clip of me, smiling, before and after predictable results, you can guess I couldn't wait to start the rehabilitation. 


After the glamorous and cinematographic part, the star and founder of the Clinic, the dentist and smile designer Eduardo de la Torre made a presentation of the full steps, with a precise, professional and well documented plan.


It consisted on: 


1) adjusting the teeth with Invisalign - removable and painless transparent aligners along with the dental monitoring application - an application that I use to scan my teeth alone so that the dentist could have a status of my teeth constantly even when I was not in the clinic, and allowed him to give me small instructions during the wearing of my aligners. 


2) the acceledent device allowed my teeth to move faster (it is a device that sends small vibrations to the teeth and bone) - therefore it will reduce in half the normal time of the orthodontic treatment. The device was small and I needed to wear it 15-20 min a day.


3) the 2 implants were needed so once there were enough space for them, and with minimum 2 months before the orthodontic treatment ended, they were put in. Two months later, I had the crowns over the implants. 

After more than a year and these steps successfully done, I can finally rock a new confidence. Somehow, I'm sad that I will have basically no need to come back, since their approach targets a full healing and not only surface problems resolving. I will miss this little hideaway in the middle of Geneva. I will certainly miss their warm welcome and their rare humanity in this race of monetary medicine. I have not met one person at the clinic without being happy working there. Happy to serve you. Happy to ask you how you are and how much sugar you would take in your coffee enjoying the view, even if you don't have an appointment. I will miss my elevator selfies and being taken care of, and the feeling of being important. Not just another patient file. 

Thank you to Dr. Eduardo de la Torre and his team of specialists. You successfully converted a frightened patient to a confident smile giver. 


Smile Design Boutique 

Quai du Mont-Blanc 7

1201 Geneva

022 700 20 20

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