Suede Leather Springer - Eastpak

The nineties fanny bags made a serious come back last year and are not going anywhere soon in 2019. You can wear them around the waist or across the shoulder, either way it's one of the most practical (and safe) current trends out there. You do need to choose the right bag, with a beautiful finish and quality that relates to your style. When I came across the Eastpak Suede Leather Springer in beige and leather, I knew I’d finally found the belt bag that will match my feminine style. This bag is unique as it's not only a statement, a practical pocket but also a chance to enhance any outfit. It's perfect if you want to cut a jumpsuit in half, like in these pictures. It's also giving an instant and a undeniable lightness to a relatively serious outfit. I'm also very inspired to wear this beautiful suede bag with a full beige outftit that matches its color. Spring is around the corner and possibilities are countless. #sponsored