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When I walk in Forever Boutique, I know I'm going for a treat. For myself and my skin and in this grey weather, anything that makes your mind, your day (or skin) a little brighter is well welcomed. Sometimes, it's needed. After an extended summer and three trips to the UAE, my skin more than ever, needs some real peeling treatments.

1st day "Work-out" peeling  with Dr. Véronique Bani

She welcomed me with the kindest smile, offered me a drink and invited me to the treatment table. I didn't know before but I was ready to get the real peeling, the TCA one, you know with the kind of acid only doctors can play with. Did I scare you? Desperate times call for desperate measures. I want an even skin and I'll get one. The steps for it were: 

1) she cleansed my skin with soap to remove any oil on my mixed skin face 
2) she applied the famous TCA* and rubbed it first on my nose to tighten skin texture and then on the face, particularly where the fines lines are to smooth them - she applied three layers on my forehead as it's toughest part of the face. At this point I could feel a little burn on my face but Dr. Véronique directly appeased it with a thyme based lotion
3) she finished with the Kantic brightening moisture mask that I had to leave on my face for it to absorb fully 

After this treatment, it's advised to stay away from steam bath, sauna and any sun exposition during 5 days. Also, lots of hydratation is required. 

*peeling with trichloroacetic acid is universally used since several years to treat stigmas of skin aging, hyperpigmentation and some acne scars.

Feedback: after the redness of my face was gone, I could actually feel like it was a new layer of face and it was essentially smoother. They advise to do it three times for full impact on the longer run. I will come back for this one for sure. Thank you Dr. Véronique Bani, I always feel like a princess when taken care of by you. 

1 month later

Shannon is the sunshine of the institut, a calm beauty that makes you comfortable as soon as you gave away your skin to her. She made me sit in front of the huge Miami beach view screen and I was ready for the warm up peeling. This treatment purifies and tightens the pores and gives an immediate boost to the skin. What she did:

1) she cleansed the skin with the Alchimie Gentle cream cleanser with rose 
2) she scrubbed it with the Alchimie Gentle refining scrub with papaya, jojoba, lychee and even rosemary 
3) she did the peeling with the 5 acids Alchimie 6% and that burnt a bit
4) to calm down the burn, she used the serum Alchimie
5) and we finished with my favorite Alchimie mask ever, the Kantic Mask brightening moisture mask that feels and smells like a blueberry yoghurt. She rubbed it gently on my face for a few minutes and I kept it and resisted eating it all.

2 weeks later

3rd day "Warm-up" peeling again

Feedback: after two sessions of warm up peeling, I was delighted with the freshness of my skin. I do think it would need regular sessions to keep this skin radiance. Thank you Shannon for making my skin shine without any highlight. 

Overall, these two peelings are worth trying and even keeping as a routine. It depends on the skin but mine, starved for the TCA treatment and I already booked my next appointment. I will also come back for the softer treat, the myrtille skin and the Miami view. 

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