Forever: Geneva & Lausanne

Sometimes for a beautiful skin, you only need a nap and a good skin routine.. and sometimes it just needs more. It hit me shortly after Ramadan and Eid festivities: I realized my skin was screaming thirsty and it's no surprise that with an eating, drinking and sleeping schedule that changes from one day to another, the body and the skin have a hard time to follow-up. 

Gladly, my childhood friend Aïcha, who works at an Institut made an appointment for me at the Forever Institut in Geneva to try out the "mesolift". No, it's not a traditional japanese soup that you eat on a lift (that is what I imagined when I let my mind wander), it is a non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment focused on the face but not only. The mesotherapy employs injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients into hypoderm. Exactly, 2 mm under the skin. 

When I got introduced to Forever Institut, I didn't know that it was a family business and I discovered with joy that 4 sisters were now the second generation holding on the boat of 30 years of history: starting from the opening of Dr. Polla’s, their father's private practice. As the eldest of four sisters, I can only relate to the strong bond and passion they share. They even recently launched a satellite of Forever Institut in Lausanne, named "Forever Boutique". 

At the Geneva Institut, at Rue du Rhône 56, there is a wide range of services: consultations, injections, lasers, hair removal, surgery, facial care and more. Dr. Polla's team of therapists, doctors and nurses occupy different part of the Institut with the latest technology in terms of dermatology and aesthetic medicine. When you enter the Institut, one common denominator: their genuine smile, I immediately felt at ease. Second thing, the personalized welcome: they knew I needed a boost after my month of Ramadan so they specifically thought of a tailored treatment. 


What I tried with Dr. Sophie Menkes, is not what I do everyday. The mesolift basically consists of injecting vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid with a needle 2 mm under the skin, just before your blood vessel so it stays a pretty light operation and more importantly, it doesn't hurt. My eyes still watered but I blame it on the highly sensitive skin I have. After needling my face, I could (sincerely) notice the cushion-y skin it gave me. I felt like I slept one week. Normally, it takes up to three sessions to have durable effects. My next session will be at the Forever Boutique in Lausanne, where the mood is slightly different. 

Forever Institut – aesthetic medicine center
56 rue du Rhône – 1204 Genève
022 319 09 60 – Instagram

Forever Boutique - Lausanne

From across the street, Rue Caroline 5, you can see big two beautiful glass windows that looks inside of the bright and clean decorated institute. As you enter, you directly notice a white bar serving fresh fruits infused water and that's where you take an appointment and discuss your needs.. or your day. 

I was personally welcomed with macaroons and big smiles from the team. Behind the bar, there is a wall of Alchimie Forever products, which is a skincare line created throughout the years of practice of Dr. Polla purposely to answer a need for the skin and as a complement to the different treatments made in both institutes. 

Cyrille Polla, directrice de la communication
At Forever Boutique - Lausanne there are two floors: the first one with a lounge mood and a beautiful refined decoration and the 2nd one down which is more a clinical part with cosmetic seats, a room with laser and tatoo remover machines. I sat for my 2nd mesotherapy session and my eyes didn't have to look weirdly around the doctor as I had a big screen in front of me: showing Miami's soothing beach waves. Same products and rituals as my first mesotherapy session but this time, after the needle session, the delicate Dr. Véronique Bani massaged onto my face a mask that doesn't have to be removed as your skin absorbs it almost right away. Ask for the Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask: I actually felt like I received a Miami's beaches wave on my face. 

After that, Aïcha pampered me with Chado and Ellis Faas make-up and I was ready to start my day, fresh and clean. I sincerely recommend this place, not only for the professionalism and the quality of the products and treatments but also, and this is one of the most important thing in the beauty sector: the hospitality, the good vibes, good gestures and the sincerity behind their goals of making you feel and be more beautiful. Thank you Polla's sisters and each member of the team, I'm surely coming back again soon.

Forever Boutique – aesthetic medicine concept store 
5 rue Caroline – 1003 Lausanne
021 566 13 14