Couture Week

Couture Week just ended but not the memories. Beautiful gowns, materials, models and the cream of the crop of the fashion industry. Naturally, all you want to do is be at your best and for me it's also the chance to go back to classics. And what better than a white outfit for a classic? On my first day of Couture at the end of the day I had two shows and one event with Swarovski. I chose this Lauren Ralph Lauren jumpsuit and paired it with this beautiful Lauren Ralph Lauren bag. I had my eyes on this jumpsuit for a while, the cut is amazing and when you wear it, you feel like a stylish first lady. However I had the sleeves problem. I need sleeves and I can't ruin it with another color. Neither a white top would have worked. I do have a white blazer at home, maybe it would work? The suspense was high until I received my Zalando order. I received it and hopefully, it worked. The material was the same and the outfit seemed to be just one. It was the perfect illusion. That evening with Swarovski, I received many compliments and even had a selfie with Penelope Cruz.

Photographer: Henry Diagne