Middle Eastern designs in Neuchâtel

If I had to choose one luxury fashion brand from the Middle East? I wouldn’t, since there are so many great brands which mix contemporary and tradition so well. How about a platform who gathers over 80 luxury Middle Eastern brands? The dream is real: the platform Thouqi did it. Based in Kuwait, Thouqi’s fashion experts travel around the Middle East to find the latest trends and designers to source the newest designs and then share the local style to the world. In order to bring it to my world, I chose three looks, starting with my favorite: plain long cape by HAADESIGNS, more festive: the Crossover Dress by NINE and finally, the Golden Bird Bisht by RUE15. Location is the stunning 5-star Hôtel Palafitte in Neuchâtel. It's the only hotel built on stilts in Europe and who knows, it might be your next destination: discover more about this breathtaking location on the shore, its wooden pavilions and private terrace: here

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