Rami Al Ali - Fashion Forward Dubai


We don't introduce him anymore. Rami Al Ali pieces were worn by BeyoncĂ©, Kelly Rowland, Kerry Washington and more. I was delighted to try one of his dresses and I directly put my eyes on this short and blue piece. Pleated trousers and a falling scarf on the sleeveless part of the dress to have a balanced composition. A Rula Galayini clutch later and I was ready to be photographed under a rainy Paris in front of a door that reminded me more of a sunny Sidi Bu Said. 



Athleisure is a trend where basically gym clothes are making their way out of the gym and come stick their noses into your prettiest wardrobe pieces. Although I'm usually more on the feminine side, this trend is here to stay and when I purchased these trousers from Bik Bok, I knew I could do more than just match them with a pink blouse. These awesome metallic Superstar helped me bring the perfect transition between the dusty pink trousers and the Adidas grey sweat-shirt. More than just the styling, the comfort of this ensemble reconciled me with a movement that I wasn't fond of at first. Furthermore the day I shot this look in Geneva, a few random people complimented me about it. I definitely can get used to these compliments versus this much confort ratio. 



Ghudfah is an arabic word meaning 'veil' and it was a common word in the heart of Saudia Arabia in the 80's and before. Meanwhile, Sarah Albaz made of this word a brand of abaya. I had the chance of meeting her the day of her show at Fashion Forward where I was won over by the modern twist of her abayas. Softness, elegance, volume are exactly the words I would put on her collection: you can find it on Vogue ArabiaTwo days and a selective dinner at the Fairmont The Palm later, I found myself shooting one of her 'white shirt abaya' in the stables of the Mandara Equestrian Club, surrounded by beautiful horses. Straight out of a movie, abaya version.