Layering Season


With these beautiful shiny days, Spring seems to be near but we still have to wait few more weeks. It may be sunny but it's cold outside and for that I use the only card I know since I can remember: layering. When I do so, I limit myself to three pieces max to not create a bulky look. Most of the time, I throw on one basic white piece - it could be a shirt or a blouse and then I add the main spicy piece and I finish with an oversized jacket or like in this post a soothing knit. Lastly, I wrap up the look with simple black pieces: scarf, heeled ankle boots, high waisted trousers and I'm ready for business.

Statement belt


Today's formula is utterly simple, take two basics and add a statement piece: in this case, an oversized belt that I fell in love with a decade ago which makes me realize that I unfortunately totally forgot where I bought it from. To make this composition work with the extra flowy characteristic of the skirt, I needed something to define the waist. To do so, forget the thin belt - not proportional to the jacket that goes down slightly. Big, oversized, statement belt is the lead role to my outfit. This option is perfect when you have no idea what to wear to a party and for a more formal atmosphere, you can switch the skirt to straight fit trousers and stiletto heels. Scarf wise, black, simple and voluminous to finish the look harmoniously.



If there is things a few things about aesthetics I love most are clean cuts and fashion that takes its inspiration in architecture. I admit guiltlessly that I have more architecture and designs magazines than fashion ones. Now I obviously haven't had a personal discussion with the stylist that made the grey and white top I'm wearing in this post but just like in a museum, you appreciate and feel what you want to see in the particular piece. This contrast full top has not only a collar that goes up beautifully but has that grey concrete color that I usually like on buildings'walls. I paired this top with a sleeveless jacket with colors of the same family for an understated look and now I'm ready to hug the walls I guess.