Pleated please

Almost all veiled women I know love winter and one of the reasons is that it allows us to play between super black tights or over the knee boots and tons of dresses, short dresses and skirts possibilities. This time, I'm answering to the beautiful call of the wavy and dreamy pleated skirt. As you can see down below, the cut is classy, the fit is pleasant and the shiny wave is just enough eye-catching but not too much as it's paired with a basic jumper to cool everything down. In this case, my jumper was a little too long so I tied it up to the right to get a more harmonious and balanced look.

Jumper: Only
Skirt: Mint&Berry
Warm tights: New-Yorker
Shoes: Pull&Bear 
Scarf: Awra Hijabs
Sunglasses: Nusayba <3

Modestly yours,