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You are already probably aware of my top color choice for everthing: Black. Black is security, mystery, elegance and poetry and in terms of scarves color, most of the time I grab the one in a million black one and I don't look back. So it's not a surprise that I mixed with my black security routine a "ghost" coming back from our grandparents closet: the flared pants. Yes they are back and if I knew how much they extend my legs, I would have fallen into this trend way earlier. These pants were a real hit in the 70's and now, I'm doing it my way as I paired it with a crop top, high platform shoes and a long cardigan for daytime, black perfecto for night time.

Top: Zebra
Pants: Topshop
Cardigan: Noisy May
Hijab: Yemen Hijab - Beyrouth

Modestly yours,