Back to Black


You are already probably aware of my top color choice for everthing: Black. Black is security, mystery, elegance and poetry and in terms of scarves color, most of the time I grab the one in a million black one and I don't look back. So it's not a surprise that I mixed with my black security routine a "ghost" coming back from our grandparents closet: the flared pants. Yes they are back and if I knew how much they extend my legs, I would have fallen into this trend way earlier. These pants were a real hit in the 70's and now, I'm doing it my way as I paired it with a crop top, high platform shoes and a long cardigan for daytime, black perfecto for night time.

Mawlid Celebration


There is a month in the year where I forget about everything and it's the month during which Mawlid is happening. Long (beautiful) story short, Mawlid an-Nabiyy is the celebration of the birth of the Prophet Mohammad ﷺ. It's usually celebrated on the 12th day of Rabi Al Awwal, the third month in the Islamic Calendar. Millions and millions of muslims around the world are celebrating his blessed birth and the date is recognized as a national holiday by most of the muslim majority countries. This month, during which we gather to share the Prophet's birth story and his most honorable and numerous qualities, during which the most beautiful voices sing about him, the talented bakers bake, and I.. well I get dressed. When it gets festive, it gets fashion so here is my metallic pink dress from Dorothy Perkins and when a dress is a little bit tight, I always get my Swing cape on. 

Pleated please


Almost all veiled women I know love winter and one of the reasons is that it allows us to play between super black tights or over the knee boots and tons of dresses, short dresses and skirts possibilities. This time, I'm answering to the beautiful call of the wavy and dreamy pleated skirt. As you can see down below, the cut is classy, the fit is pleasant and the shiny wave is just enough eye-catching but not too much as it's paired with a basic jumper to cool everything down. In this case, my jumper was a little too long so I tied it up to the right to get a more harmonious and balanced look.