Mom Jeans


"New York people aren’t wearing mom jeans because people in Nebraska wear them. They’re wearing them because people in Nebraska don’t. "

At first, everyone was confused but "Mom Jeans" are back and are a thing for a while now. Sad (or not?) to say that skinny jeans are slowly fading away and are giving the spot back to more regular jeans. Initially worn by the hipsters in an ironic way, people now are wearing Mom Jeans in the most sincere way. Even me: it's about time that I muster my courage and wear one pair of those. Unflattering, way to high - high waist, weird fit and the subject of derision, so what is the hype about? First, 90's nostalgia: as a 90's baby, I grew up around icons like Cindy Crawford, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and other super models that rocked Mom Jeans like no one. 2) We find now a wider range of sleeker and more modern cuts than before. 3) It does make the waist look smaller and the legs look longer. 4) One of the rare kind of jeans that fits the modest fashion closet perfectly. 5) Last but not least: comfort. Finally a trend that doesn't ask you to be dolled up perfectly and has that "je m'en fiche" french chic side that we can use in many different ways. 

For my first Mom Jeans moments, I  kept it simple with a dark blue denim paired with a classic white shirt and a brown jumper for more modernity. 



There is a lot to like about Beyrouth: the Corniche at sunset, the Nutella crepe from Bliss street, the Souk el Tayeb, Downtown at night, the Mana'esh with Zaatar (dough topped with thyme), the National Museum, Zeytouna Bay and the list goes on and on. 

You can like a city for many reasons but I like it because of how it makes me feel. Wether it's spiritually: the Mosque of Burj Abi Haidar is one of my favourite with its old rocks, deep red carpets and its astonishing Adhan (call to prayer). Emotionally: the thrill rides in between the cars trying to make it on time, alive. Mindfully: noticing the harmonious mix between modernity and tradition and feeling that your personality is in a kind of osmosis with this city. Historically: the remains of war that you can actually read on a lot of walls of Beyrouth is staggering and let you go on a ride of imagination while observing and questioning curiously. Last but not least, intensely: as it's the city of birth of my dear husband which takes away any dash of impartiality I could have on the town. <3

Fashionably speaking, this white ensemble, rust blouse and beige scarf blended in Downtown Beyrouth perfectly.