Darling Slip Dress


I can't go further into this year without talking about the wonderfully versatile: slip dress. Time passes and trends come and go but sometimes, you stop and freeze on one single trend and directly feel the urge to wear it first thing. That's what happened to me with the slip dress. It may mean nothing to you but this way of layering is my speciality since I'm 13, age when I decided to wear my hijab. So when everyone at school use to wear sleeveless shirts, I use to wear the same, with the layers. To be honest, it was difficult sometimes but I owned it and made it my specialty. Later on, I preferred simplicity with long sleeve one piece shirt.

So today, playing with this night dress from Yas is undoubtedly enjoyable and it surely brings me back some memories. On another note, wearing underwear as outerwear is somehow tricky, hence the discreet color and a little bit of daring with the delicate lace. 

slip dress hijab

Grey on Grey


Yes, it's skirt season on the blog. As you may have felt it in my previous post, I'm just not done yet with the ribbed pencil kind of skirt. Comfortable is an understatement but this skirt from Adpt. is outlining the shape so I combined it with a flowy grey shirt. Although it's a simple outfit, details like a nude scarf or a knot on the skirt makes all the difference. 

Ribbed Pencil Skirt


This fashionable ribbed pencil skirt is my latest absolute crush from Dorothy Perkins. It's a great comfortable, formfitting, versatile piece that can be worn for work or for a date night. Colorwise, dusty pink and beige are a great combination for any outfit ensemble but dare to cut it with a fake leather jacket or an Oversized Denim Jacket. In terms of shoes, this outfit screamed for my high beige boots. Next time, why not ankle boots or sneakers? 

Oversized Denim Jacket


Lately, high street fashion has influenced designers to go "looser" which is quite convenient for the Modest Fashion Closet. One of this kind of wardrobe essential is undoubtedly the Oversized Denim Jacket. Not only it gives a vintage, cool and boyish touch to the look but it also gives space to layer underneath it and to wear it even in a colder weather. Since this spring, you may have seen the oversized denim jacket "à toutes les sauces", I went for an all-white ensemble, white Nike sneakers and a little black bag that matched my scarf. Shop my jacket here.

Golden Hour


During the last few seasons, designers have played with thousands of variations of the blue shirt: stripped, top, off the shoulder, shoulder cutouts, dresses. Here is a modest alternative from Scotch and Soda that I styled with beige platform sandals that matched the color of my Mayssa scarf.