Arab Princess in a Chateau

For dinner at the Royal Savoy, I wanted to blend in with an elegant Abaya - Cape from Mayssa. "Abayas" are a range of robe-like dress mostly worn in black by Arab women in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. For a covered woman, this is the ultimate form of elegance. It's delicate and wraps up your body with gracefulness and modesty. Since a year or two, we have seen a lot of declension of the abaya from worldwide known brands in particular. For this kind of evening, my favorite option goes to the white abaya - soft and handy for the summer heat. Scarf wise, I stayed in my theme with my "hijab carrĂ©" from Aliyah and Co that finished my princess look. 

Abaya: Mayssa
Dress under the Abaya: H&M
Scarf: Aliyah and Co
Shoes: Aldo

Modestly yours,