Arab Princess in a Chateau


For dinner at the Royal Savoy, I wanted to blend in with an elegant Abaya - Cape from Mayssa. "Abayas" are a range of robe-like dress mostly worn in black by Arab women in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. For a covered woman, this is the ultimate form of elegance. It's delicate and wraps up your body with gracefulness and modesty. Since a year or two, we have seen a lot of declension of the abaya from worldwide known brands in particular. For this kind of evening, my favorite option goes to the white abaya - soft and handy for the summer heat. Scarf wise, I stayed in my theme with my "hijab carré" from Aliyah and Co that finished my princess look. 

Abaya: Mayssa
Dress under the Abaya: H&M
Scarf: Aliyah and Co
Shoes: Aldo

Modestly yours,



  1. Hey girl!
    Chic as always! Love the hijab!
    Les abaya que jprefere in EU c'est celles ouvertes, un peu genre kimono, que jpeux porter classe mais aussi casual decontract!
    Comme celles de chez

    1. Merci Marwa ❤️ Celle-ci est justement aussi une cape. J'ai regardé le feed Instagram, j'ai beaucoup aimé le kimono basique anthracite. De la bombe! Merci pour ton feedback 🌹