A Structural Take on the Palazzo

Lately, I've been wearing Palazzo pants constantly. These pants that were trendy back in the 60's have made a significant comeback... to the delight of the Modest Fashionista. From the printed to the plain one, during the day or for the evening, these light pants are definitely a good option for the warmer days. I'm wearing a Palazzo from the Aliyah and Co boutique. I like this one particularly because of its structural lines that we don't find in the original wide and flowy Palazzo. It instantly gives a taste of elegance to the outfit. I opposed the vertical line effect of my pants with a horizontal lines top from Mango. Scarf wise, I went for the simple black scarf that falls gracefully on the shoulder which I'm more and more fond of these days. 

Top: Mango
Palazzo Pants: Aliyah and Co 
Sandals: Zara

Modestly yours,