BaselWorld O'Clock


Baselworld is the trade show of the international watch and jewellery industry. Named differently over the years the history started small in 1925 when the Schweizer Mustermesse (Swiss watch show) invited several watch manufacturers. Since then  it grew prodigiously to become the number one gathering for all the serious whatchnakers in the world. Every brand wether it’s a fashion brand or a famous long lasting luxury watch, every one was there, displaying each piece like art.

Hijab & The City - Editorial Covertime Magazine


Habitually, I always go for the simplest outfit. I believe simplicity is one of the fundamental principle of the Modest Fashion. Yet, it was fun to play the Sophisticated Fashionista in New-York role for the time of the shooting. In fact, Najmah, photographer and graphic designer, knew exactly how to reveal my sudden Olivia Palermo side.