Mon Bel Olivier In Nyc - Editorial Covertime Magazine

Contrast was certainly our guideline in our latest New-York adventures. And what a contrast : for Covertime Magazine, I’m wearing Kabyle ethnic jewellery and a tunic from the Whimsy Canyon collection of the brilliant french-tunisian designer Cheyma in the typical streets of New-York. 

Symbolically, Kabyle jewellery is a sign of free exchanges between nations.  Berber by origin, this emblematical jewellery type became a Kabyle art thanks to the Andalous contribution who, at that time, ran away from Spain because of The Reconquista. That’s how "olĂ©" becomes "yalla"...
even more so that they are now very known in the Maghreb area with each region their particularities, colors, and finishes. Most of the time, the are made with silver and decorated with corals taken from the Mediterranean sea. 

When Stephanie from Covertime Magazine styled these jewels into my scarf, I was taken away in a second from New-York to my home country : Tunisia. Memories of both my grandmothers wearing Berber jewels like no one. It’s not only about wearing a beautiful set, it’s also about wearing an entire historical north african heritage who passed along from Mothers to Daughters and distinctively for wedding celebrations. 

From their history to their outstanding and definitely noticeable presence, the Berber jewellery type has its unique particularity : you can wear them on your forehead (way before the head jewel trend), on your chest (generally to hold traditional dresses), as a belt, a bracelet, rings and earrings.  Basically and except for the laters: not your average jewellery.
Bottom line, I was in New-York, which is already pretty cool. But, the time of a photo shoot, I’ve been brought back to my parent's land. The power of accessories is never to be underestimated, ladies.

Editorial for: Covertime Magazine
Photography: Najmah
Make-up: Dija
Styled by: Stephanie
Olive Tunic: Cheyma 
Shoes: Zara
Jewellery: Kabyle Ethnic - Cheyma 

Modestly yours,