Back to Black


You are already probably aware of my top color choice for everthing: Black. Black is security, mystery, elegance and poetry and in terms of scarves color, most of the time I grab the one in a million black one and I don't look back. So it's not a surprise that I mixed with my black security routine a "ghost" coming back from our grandparents closet: the flared pants. Yes they are back and if I knew how much they extend my legs, I would have fallen into this trend way earlier. These pants were a real hit in the 70's and now, I'm doing it my way as I paired it with a crop top, high platform shoes and a long cardigan for daytime, black perfecto for night time.

Pleated please


Almost all veiled women I know love winter and one of the reasons is that it allows us to play between super black tights or over the knee boots and tons of dresses, short dresses and skirts possibilities. This time, I'm answering to the beautiful call of the wavy and dreamy pleated skirt. As you can see down below, the cut is classy, the fit is pleasant and the shiny wave is just enough eye-catching but not too much as it's paired with a basic jumper to cool everything down. In this case, my jumper was a little too long so I tied it up to the right to get a more harmonious and balanced look.

Mom Jeans


"New York people aren’t wearing mom jeans because people in Nebraska wear them. They’re wearing them because people in Nebraska don’t. "

At first, everyone was confused but "Mom Jeans" are back and are a thing for a while now. Sad (or not?) to say that skinny jeans are slowly fading away and are giving the spot back to more regular jeans. Initially worn by the hipsters in an ironic way, people now are wearing Mom Jeans in the most sincere way. Even me: it's about time that I muster my courage and wear one pair of those. Unflattering, way to high - high waist, weird fit and the subject of derision, so what is the hype about? First, 90's nostalgia: as a 90's baby, I grew up around icons like Cindy Crawford, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and other super models that rocked Mom Jeans like no one. 2) We find now a wider range of sleeker and more modern cuts than before. 3) It does make the waist look smaller and the legs look longer. 4) One of the rare kind of jeans that fits the modest fashion closet perfectly. 5) Last but not least: comfort. Finally a trend that doesn't ask you to be dolled up perfectly and has that "je m'en fiche" french chic side that we can use in many different ways. 

For my first Mom Jeans moments, I  kept it simple with a dark blue denim paired with a classic white shirt and a brown jumper for more modernity. 



There is a lot to like about Beyrouth: the Corniche at sunset, the Nutella crepe from Bliss street, the Souk el Tayeb, Downtown at night, the Mana'esh with Zaatar (dough topped with thyme), the National Museum, Zeytouna Bay and the list goes on and on. 

You can like a city for many reasons but I like it because of how it makes me feel. Wether it's spiritually: the Mosque of Burj Abi Haidar is one of my favourite with its old rocks, deep red carpets and its astonishing Adhan (call to prayer). Emotionally: the thrill rides in between the cars trying to make it on time, alive. Mindfully: noticing the harmonious mix between modernity and tradition and feeling that your personality is in a kind of osmosis with this city. Historically: the remains of war that you can actually read on a lot of walls of Beyrouth is staggering and let you go on a ride of imagination while observing and questioning curiously. Last but not least, intensely: as it's the city of birth of my dear husband which takes away any dash of impartiality I could have on the town. <3

Fashionably speaking, this white ensemble, rust blouse and beige scarf blended in Downtown Beyrouth perfectly.

Darling Slip Dress


I can't go further into this year without talking about the wonderfully versatile: slip dress. Time passes and trends come and go but sometimes, you stop and freeze on one single trend and directly feel the urge to wear it first thing. That's what happened to me with the slip dress. It may mean nothing to you but this way of layering is my speciality since I'm 13, age when I decided to wear my hijab. So when everyone at school use to wear sleeveless shirts, I use to wear the same, with the layers. To be honest, it was difficult sometimes but I owned it and made it my specialty. Later on, I preferred simplicity with long sleeve one piece shirt.

So today, playing with this night dress from Yas is undoubtedly enjoyable and it surely brings me back some memories. On another note, wearing underwear as outerwear is somehow tricky, hence the discreet color and a little bit of daring with the delicate lace. 

slip dress hijab

Grey on Grey


Yes, it's skirt season on the blog. As you may have felt it in my previous post, I'm just not done yet with the ribbed pencil kind of skirt. Comfortable is an understatement but this skirt from Adpt. is outlining the shape so I combined it with a flowy grey shirt. Although it's a simple outfit, details like a nude scarf or a knot on the skirt makes all the difference. 

Ribbed Pencil Skirt


This fashionable ribbed pencil skirt is my latest absolute crush from Dorothy Perkins. It's a great comfortable, formfitting, versatile piece that can be worn for work or for a date night. Colorwise, dusty pink and beige are a great combination for any outfit ensemble but dare to cut it with a fake leather jacket or an Oversized Denim Jacket. In terms of shoes, this outfit screamed for my high beige boots. Next time, why not ankle boots or sneakers? 

Oversized Denim Jacket


Lately, high street fashion has influenced designers to go "looser" which is quite convenient for the Modest Fashion Closet. One of this kind of wardrobe essential is undoubtedly the Oversized Denim Jacket. Not only it gives a vintage, cool and boyish touch to the look but it also gives space to layer underneath it and to wear it even in a colder weather. Since this spring, you may have seen the oversized denim jacket "à toutes les sauces", I went for an all-white ensemble, white Nike sneakers and a little black bag that matched my scarf. Shop my jacket here.

Golden Hour


During the last few seasons, designers have played with thousands of variations of the blue shirt: stripped, top, off the shoulder, shoulder cutouts, dresses. Here is a modest alternative from Scotch and Soda that I styled with beige platform sandals that matched the color of my Mayssa scarf. 

Eid Al-Adha


Some say that Burgundy is the color for justice, honor and high ideals. It is where royalty, boldness, elegance and excitement coexist and create a regal sight to behold. It's certainly royalty and boldness that I felt wearing this burgundy scarf and dress from Mayssa. I would not mix beige and burgundy everyday but during Eid Al-Adha, we see a lot of outfits that do the transition between summer and fall and mine, surely introduce fall in an elegant way, thanks to Mayssa. 

Caroline Defage - Tuxedo


When I go out shopping, I always find myself compromising: is it too long, too short, too wide? With time, you grow a skill to detect which pieces will suit your Modest Fashion Closet. Many times, I've been dreaming about clothes that were not available in the market. With Caroline Defage, no need to do dream it, simply because she made it. A tunic that goes all the way down and thus covers the back, that has a "cape" effect, that is black and white and that leaves you room to wear pants? I know, dreamy. To the shop

A Structural Take on the Palazzo


Lately, I've been wearing Palazzo pants constantly. These pants that were trendy back in the 60's have made a significant comeback... to the delight of the Modest Fashionista. From the printed to the plain one, during the day or for the evening, these light pants are definitely a good option for the warmer days. I'm wearing a Palazzo from the Aliyah and Co boutique. I like this one particularly because of its structural lines that we don't find in the original wide and flowy Palazzo. It instantly gives a taste of elegance to the outfit. I opposed the vertical line effect of my pants with a horizontal lines top from Mango. Scarf wise, I went for the simple black scarf that falls gracefully on the shoulder which I'm more and more fond of these days. 

A Windy Day of June


I don't mind a windy weather in June. Even more so that I get to mix an Indiana Jones Hat with my black tunic from Aliyah and Co without too much trouble. To compose this look, I tried to stay away from the super skinny jeans or the wide palazzo. Instead, choosing something in between made the trick for the result to be well balanced. Shiny Zara loafers for the classy side and H&M grey hat and scarf for the beach side: I think I'm ready for those chilly summer nights. 

A Luxury Night at the Hotel Royal Savoy - Lausanne


For the first time, I got the chance to appreciate my city as a tourist at the newly reopened Hotel Royal Savoy. Located in the heart of historic Lausanne, this luxury hotel dating from 1909 offered many surprises that joined my lust for beautiful things. This time, 5 star kind of beautiful things. Zoom into our experience of what use to be home exile to the royalty and aristocrats from around the world. 

Arab Princess in a Chateau


For dinner at the Royal Savoy, I wanted to blend in with an elegant Abaya - Cape from Mayssa. "Abayas" are a range of robe-like dress mostly worn in black by Arab women in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. For a covered woman, this is the ultimate form of elegance. It's delicate and wraps up your body with gracefulness and modesty. Since a year or two, we have seen a lot of declension of the abaya from worldwide known brands in particular. For this kind of evening, my favorite option goes to the white abaya - soft and handy for the summer heat. Scarf wise, I stayed in my theme with my "hijab carré" from Aliyah and Co that finished my princess look. 

Daytime Cocktail


If we look closely, there are so many relevant pieces and influences out there that can fit in the Modest Fashion Closet. Just like this Denham piece: the printed burn out camouflage at the end of the dress makes up for the silhouette-less effect. I added an elegant falling scarf to match the dress longitude. A little Gatsby swing given by the bag, a modern spin with these Kiomi Peep Toes and Voilà, another simple alternative to the long cocktail dress. 

云 - Yun Soap


Who can live peacefully with chemicals and non-organic food in 2016? Even if you try to be a rebel, we have to admit, everything feels and smells better when it's raw and guilt-free. I'm personally glad for this healthy and organic wave but even though packaging sells you more promises than Romeo, we should be careful with the real ingredients and making process origins. My first change happened in the bathroom: no more chemical soaps. Only natural ingredients can make our skin healthier. No preservatives or artificial pigments that may be harmful. Easy peasy with my new products from "Yun". Yun is a health and beauty boutique based in Montreal. As much as being great Instagram material by their prettiness, they are also nice and smells notably good. 

BaselWorld O'Clock


Baselworld is the trade show of the international watch and jewellery industry. Named differently over the years the history started small in 1925 when the Schweizer Mustermesse (Swiss watch show) invited several watch manufacturers. Since then  it grew prodigiously to become the number one gathering for all the serious whatchnakers in the world. Every brand wether it’s a fashion brand or a famous long lasting luxury watch, every one was there, displaying each piece like art.

Hijab & The City - Editorial Covertime Magazine


Habitually, I always go for the simplest outfit. I believe simplicity is one of the fundamental principle of the Modest Fashion. Yet, it was fun to play the Sophisticated Fashionista in New-York role for the time of the shooting. In fact, Najmah, photographer and graphic designer, knew exactly how to reveal my sudden Olivia Palermo side. 

Mon Bel Olivier In Nyc - Editorial Covertime Magazine


Contrast was certainly our guideline in our latest New-York adventures. And what a contrast : for Covertime Magazine, I’m wearing Kabyle ethnic jewellery and a tunic from the Whimsy Canyon collection of the brilliant french-tunisian designer Cheyma in the typical streets of New-York. 

Symbolically, Kabyle jewellery is a sign of free exchanges between nations.  Berber by origin, this emblematical jewellery type became a Kabyle art thanks to the Andalous contribution who, at that time, ran away from Spain because of The Reconquista. That’s how "olé" becomes "yalla"...

The Tasteful Conrad New-York Experience


As you'd expect for a city with so much diversity, New-York is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Located in the famous Conrad New York luxury hotel in Lower Manhattan, Atrio has a serene elegance that strikes you as soon as you enter the space.

Just before that, the lobby of the hotel welcomes you with an impressive art piece by artist Sol LeWitt "Loopy Doopy" and its amazing lights and swirling lines, adding to that an incredible efficient, calming and modern choice of furnitures and colors.