My Cup of Tea - Newby Teas


I believe that luxury can be found in the simplest things. A beautiful view, a warm hug, a designer bag and.. a cup of tea. After watching the two seasons of The Crown, I have surprised myself being more attracted by this undoubtedly classy and tasty beverage. A particular brand caught my attention a few months ago during an event at the Ecole Hôtelière of Lausanne : Newby Teas. It is the world’s most awarded luxury tea company and my new favourite joyful sip, with a preference for the Jasmin Princess and the English Breakfast black tea. 

Based in London, you can find the brand in five star hotels, restaurants, heritage venues as well as online. In Switzerland, they just opened their first flagship store in Gstaad and I was one of the lucky guests to attend the inauguration. Chalet Chitra, Lauenenstrasse 26, CH - 3780 Gstaad. 

We had the privilege of discovering the most valuable tea pot in the world « The Egoist » (which can hold only one cup of tea) designed by the founder and owner of Newby Teas : Mr. Nirmal Sethia. Valued at up to $3 million, this object is hoped to raise awareness of the historic and cultural impact and importance of tea. It took over 1730 hours of work from Italian jeweller Scavia to do « The Egoist » with diamonds, gold and rubies. The ownership will pass to the N Sethia Foundation which helps fund, among other charitable concerns, The Chitra Sethia Centre for Robotics and Minimal Access Surgery and the Chitra Sethia Autism Centre in Cambridge. When taste, passion and charity meets, it can only be my cup of tea. Discover if it’s yours: here.  

Modestly yours,


Middle Eastern designs in Neuchâtel


If I had to choose one luxury fashion brand from the Middle East? I wouldn’t, since there are so many great brands which mix contemporary and tradition so well. How about a platform who gathers over 80 luxury Middle Eastern brands? The dream is real: the platform Thouqi did it. Based in Kuwait, Thouqi’s fashion experts travel around the Middle East to find the latest trends and designers to source the newest designs and then share the local style to the world. In order to bring it to my world, I chose three looks, starting with my favorite: plain long cape by HAADESIGNS, more festive: the Crossover Dress by NINE and finally, the Golden Bird Bisht by RUE15. Location is the stunning 5-star Hôtel Palafitte in Neuchâtel. It's the only hotel built on stilts in Europe and who knows, it might be your next destination: discover more about this breathtaking location on the shore, its wooden pavilions and private terrace: here

Mango Girls // Festive Campaign


I couldn't be happier to share with you my new collaboration with Mango. My festive selection includes a lot of velvet, black, gold and shiny to make you ready for a range of different occasion for this end of the year. For more formal wear, you can find my #MangoGirls October Campaign on my feed instagram: here. Every one of these looks has a different echo with nearly the same base: black. Be it fur, sequin or velvet, black translates my desire of being elegant by keeping a certain dose of simplicity. Ace of gold to revivify the black, red to make a statement and sunglasses for my highly needed dose of mystery. 

Fashion Forward Dubai - SS18


Paris is always a good idea, especially when you get invited to discover amazing shows, showrooms, parties with Messika, Gigi Hadid, Vogue Paris or even Place Vendôme Qatar. However, it's not Paris Fashion Week without shooting with Fashion Forward Dubai which is the fashion platform for Dubai and the Middle East. Here are my personal favorites of the season:

Soltana embroidered shirt

Suits you


Corset or belts are always good tools to bring a feminine touch to a masculine-cut suit. It's handy especially when the blazer is lightly structured. It makes it easier to style differently and to compose around and to bring it slightly out of their usual purpose. Demonstration with this Mango suit embellished with golden buttons and a peach brownish pink that reminds me a lot of a blush make-up palette. Speaking of make-up, I'm wearing the lip liner "Spice" by Mac Cosmetics. 

Striped and Found


Let's leave the joy of layering to colder nights. During hot days, all we need is long and elongating pieces that are effortlessly covering. This long, straight-cut dress satin crêpe is from Marella and since summer is not over, neither is the striped mania. Statement oblige, I'm wearing my trademark sunnies and to clash with this monochrome ensemble, nothing like an appealing orange handbag fitted with metallic handles. Find a mini-video of me wearing the look here